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Frime Cardigan
Frime Cardigan
Frime Cardigan

Frime Cardigan

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100% Baby Alpaca
Hand Knitting Machine
Hand Finished

Patagonia and the Greater Andean Region

To create these pieces, communities of organized and empowered Andean villagers utilize the traditional techniques they inherited from both their cultural legacies as well as their elders. Supported and guided by professional teams in the areas of design, production, management and quality control, the artisans achieve an excellent hand loom and thread quality. International designers are invited to assist in recovering the integrity of our ancestral techniques, while also keeping contemporary design aesthetics in mind.

Sizing Guide
Our clothing and accessories are specially designed as one-size-fits-most. We test fit each item on models ranging from size 4 through 10. Any items that do not fit in this range, due to their unique design, are specially marked as such.

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