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What do we talk about when we talk about sustainability?

Sustainability , that word that not long ago began to appear and suddenly we see it in many places, although still in fewer than would be good. It is a word that comes not only to stay but to evolve little by little.

In its most direct meaning, it refers to the balance of a species with the resources of its environment . It seems like a big word, more suitable for governments, companies and industries to apply, but have you ever thought that a person can be sustainable too?

If we relegate all social responsibility tasks to large companies, the path to sustainability will be slow and tedious. But if we become agents of change , we will not only see it reflected in our personal well-being, but we will infect the people around us. These, in turn, will do the same with their environment, thus generating a large network of change .

You can start with small things, the first and most important thing is to become curious . Where does this thing I'm buying come from? It's natural? Was the person who did it paid the corresponding amount? Can it be recycled? We must always ask, we must always inform ourselves. From the fruit bought at the corner grocery store, to the household cleaning products, to the clothes we wear.

It is important to start questioning what everything we buy is made of and where it comes from . Did you not consider that when information is difficult to find it is because perhaps there is something that does not want to be shown? Being curious is how we will become more selective and conscious when it comes to consuming.

animaná is a brand that has been working for some time to show how it carries out all its production processes, while inviting the consumer to become more curious. If a clothing brand is showing us where the materials used to produce its garments come from, who works on them, how they are transported to the premises, what environmental impact they have, why do we not know anything about so many others? The work of moving towards a more sustainable world begins by asking questions to generate answers, and if these are not satisfactory, generating the necessary change so that they soon become so.

We can ignore sustainability, or put ourselves in the role of “someone else doing the work,” but eventually it becomes clear that collaborating with these changes is for our own benefit.

At animaná we invite you to work on curiosity , to be more aware of the things that are in contact with our body and, most importantly, to take action regarding the impact we have on our planet.


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