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Natural Fibers for Local Development and the Global Ecosystem

Natural fibers are at the center of the eco-fashion or "sustainable clothing" movement, which focuses on global concerns for the environment and the well-being of producers and consumers. The goal is to create garments that are sustainable at every stage of their life cycle, from production to the end of their useful life. Precisely, it is possible to create this type of products using natural fibers: from the breeding of animals that maintain the eco system, their shearing, protecting and caring for the animal, and the spinning and weaving processes that provide work and well-being to the communities. of the Andes.

The group of camelids that inhabit the South American continent as native fauna is made up of llamas, alpacas, vicuñas and guanacos. The fibers of South American camelids are considered a central natural resource of high economic level that must be carefully developed, for the well-being of communities, to achieve sources of income and development, while maintaining the local ecosystem.

At animaná we seek to ensure that the increase in the production of natural fibers and products derived from South American camelids is achieved through a solidarity economy with fair trade practices, the preservation of the animal as a unique genetic resource that protects the environment, and the improvement of the quality of life of many small producers with the possibility of creating a "commodity market" from camelid fibers. To achieve this, we accompany the process with a global strategy based on research and carrying out sustainable practices in the management of camelids.

Latin America has enormous potential in relation to natural fibers. All of them present a high level of quality and their production offers great possibilities for development in the international market. Furthermore, camelid farming also favors the development of local economies since it generates employment spaces for Andean communities, preventing their migration to cities. Consequently, breeding and production allows them to maintain their cultural traditions and ancestral procedures, be able to remain in their land of origin and significantly improve their quality of life.

In this way, at animaná we value the enormous positive potential in South American camelids. Based on our experience and having, on the one hand, animaná , as a reference in making a company that works under these principles together with local producers who use these fibers a reality, and on the other hand, the NGO as a central researcher and catalyst of the problems and potential solutions, in addition to being a training and dissemination agent for these concepts, we are committed to continuing to develop camelid breeding and the production of natural fibers ; inviting more and more actors, and creating more and more employment spaces for the communities.

Our commitment is to keep the culture and biodiversity of the Andes alive through sustainable management of breeding and processes that respect the lives of animals, which is beneficial for both producers, artisans, consumers, and the environment.


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