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Our team

The artisans

We work with natural fiber producers and artisans from Patagonia to the Andes. Masters of art who, in possession of wisdom, transmitted secrets, skills, customs, habits and social behaviors from generation to generation. The artisans of Patagonia and the Andes are among the best in the world. animaná seeks to be the invisible connection between the secrets of Patagonia and the Andes with the cosmopolitan cities of the world. Our main objective is to give voice to culture and the only way to do this is by building a bridge between it and you, the consumer.

Adriana Marina

ADRIANA MARINA is the founder of animaná. He was born in Patagonia, near the southernmost point of the world. It is committed to sustainable production, the economic development of local communities, relationships with artisans from Patagonia and the Andes, and sustainability education in fashion through the NGO Hecho x Nuestros and the Latin American Ethical Fashion Forum. After obtaining her PhD in Economics, Adriana focused on the problems of local development, inequality and poverty, especially on applying theory to practice in her region of origin. He launched animaná as a social enterprise focused on reviving the Andean and Patagonian culture that he loves so much.

Dominique Peclers

Dominique Peclers - Founder od Peclers Paris - ANIMANA team

DOMINIQUE PECLERS has been involved in animaná since the beginning. Founder of the international brand Trend Peclers in Paris, she has collaborated with animaná since 2008. Fully committed to our vision, Dominique met Adriana in 2010 when she became involved with indigenous communities to become familiar with their production process. He continually evaluates animaná collections offering invaluable advice.

Mateo Zambruno

MATEO ZAMBRUNO has been part of animaná since its founding, focusing on the strategic and operational development of the business with the objective of improving processes and efficiency. With a degree in Industrial Engineering, he is passionate about business with a sustainable approach and highlights the value of its influence on the environment - in the short and long term.

Marcia Gitman

Marcia Gitman - ANIMANA team

MARCIA GITMAN has worked at animaná since 2013 managing the commercial and sales area. Having studied Anthropology, she is committed to finding the best solution for our clients and building long-term relationships. Marcia is an integral part of animaná's development. If you want to make a purchase, discuss commercial aspects or visit our showroom in Buenos Aires, you will probably talk to her.

Directors and advisors

FRANCISCO ELIZONDO has been a partner of animaná since a few months after the foundation. She learned about animaná in a fundraising competition (the BID challenge, where we were awarded support in 2009) and fell in love with the project. His contribution has been essential for the brand, acting as one of the main drivers and promoting the opening of our first boutique in Paris.

CRAIG WILSON is the brand strategy mentor for animaná. Founder of Compass and Nail , Craig is an undisputed authority on the concept of customer loyalty, branding and marketing. Feeling a personal connection to our mission and values, he selflessly decided to help animaná by guiding our team towards the right path of brand development. The combination of their knowledge and their firm belief in our principles makes them an invaluable ally.

MARIO KOEHLER has been an animaná advisor since the initial business plan, guiding the formulation of strategy and finances. Founding partner of Orion Asociados, and with more than five years of experience working at Boston Consulting Group, Mario has extensive experience in retail and business development. Based in Buenos Aires, he continually supports animaná in its expansion to international markets.



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